The Race Course

The Course ….

Hope Is Coming 5K Race MapMake It A Special Day ! ….
The race date for 2016 is August 13th and begins at 9AM. It is a flat, out and back 5K run and great for all levels of participants. The race is USATF Certified and Official Timing is provided by HI-TEK Racing. The race begins at the West Haven High School from the football field and continues down Captain Thomas Boulevard and onward to Ocean Avenue and returns back to the finish line on the school grounds.

Along Captain Thomas Boulevard and onward, along Ocean Avenue, runners are directly exposed to scenic Long Island Sound sandy beaches, water front views and warm ocean breezes.

There is a water stop on the course, at the halfway mark, and the course is very well marked. There are West Haven Police and Hope Is Coming 5K volunteers stationed throughout the course.

After the Hope Is Coming 5K, RELAX, make a day of it on the beaches of West Haven, ConnecticutAfter the race, a special announcements, sponsor acknowledgements, race awards presentation and special sponsor gift presentation ceremony takes place on the grounds of West Haven High School. Then … >>>

From Captain Thomas Blvd – L or R on to Dyke St, bear L at stop sign on Educational Way (baseball field will be on your left, followed by the football field), R on Circle St. The parking lot is on the left and the registration area is on the right.
From Kelsey Ave. – L or R on to Circle St…follow this road, you will pass through the gates on to the high school grounds, bearing to the left until you see the parking lot on your right and the registration area on your left.
From Platt Ave. – L or R on to Educational Way, L on Circle St., parking lot will be on your left and registration area on your right.

Special Thanks To:
West Haven High School
West Haven Police Department